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The sky is a valuable source of vital business data, and DroneADIK is the perfect medium for you to acquire it.

High Resolution

We use leading manufacturer drones and equipment to provide you the quality required for your job.


We offer an extensive range of services to help your imagery and videos stand out from the rest. Using reliable and proven commercial DJI Technology.

Serious About Safety

From pre-flight precautions (risk assessments, flight plans) to specialist PPE, we work tirelessly to ensure every shoot is safe.

Photo of Bridlington Coast Line by DroneADIK

Our Mission

DroneADIK aims to provide fast, affordable, and reliable data safely from the air to all our customers. We want to help companies acquire imagery, video and data that helps them to inturn look more professional, be more efficient and enable them to make better-informed, real-time decisions.

For the first time, we have the ability to open a vast and powerful resource that has been effectively out of reach due to the cost. We envision a future where this resource can be created for the masses, and our services are making that vision a reality.

Our Team

Photo of Trevor Newsome

Trevor Newsome

Pilot & Editor

Photo of Sarah Newsome

Sarah Newsome

Editor & Designer

Photo of Charlotte Slater

Charlotte Slater

Design Administrator & Accounts

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Tel: 07477 679921

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