Drone Services for Asset And Property Management

Receive actionable information from the sky for better, real-time decisions across residential, commercial, industrial and other assets.

Professional Drone Services for Asset & Property Management

DroneADIK provides reliable, high quality aerial data of commerical, residential and industrial properties as well as other critical assets and infrastructure empowering property management companies to make faster, better decisions.

Photo of worn road surface showing number 9

Surface wear and tear monitoring

Drones can obtain high resolution images over large areas quickly. This could be of pavements, road ways or car parks so you can find stress cracks and wear faster than ever without having to send expensive highway maintenance to walk the area.

Photo of roof when doing roof inspection

High-resolution roof imagery

Cost effective aerial building surveys compared to more expensive traditional methods of scaffolding, platforms, steeplejacks or hiring a cherry picker.

Photo of HVAC and equipment inspection

HVAC & equipment Inspections

Integrating data acquired from drones with and asset management system results in realistic, unique and timely understanding of asset condition.

Roof & Structure Survey Services

Ideal for inspecting suspected damage on roofs, chimneys, towers, spires, bridges or any other hard to reach location. Our drones dramatically reduce the time required to complete a survey and ensure an entire structure can be assessed, something that’s not always possible for a human to do. As there’s also no need for anyone to leave the ground, drones make a project much safer.

Photo of Roof Inspection photo of missing tile on roof inspection
Dumper truck Construction site

Material Assets

Know who's moved what and when. Conduct your own site survey before the job begins and whenever changes occur. Have volume calculations of material moved for contractor conformance and payment or just check stock levels on site.

HVAC & Equipment Inspections

Integrating data acquired from drones with and asset management system results in realistic, unique and timely understanding of asset condition. Knowing the current condition of a company's assets in as much detail as possible, makes life a lot easier to keep them operating as you need them to, in the safest most efficient and most productive way possible.

Standard colour and thermal imagery can be stored on a long term basis for analysis and comparison for future inspections. It will help to identify the assets that require immediate attention, verses those that may have repairs deferred.

The data captured alongside with your asset management capabilities can enable oversight of the ongoing condition of your facilities and equipment, helping to ensure compliance and mitigate the risk of being blindsided by a maintenance emergency.

Image of roof inspection of HVAC on Kostal UK Ltd Image closeup of HVAC on roof of Kostal UK Ltd

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